African Songs of Life for Adults

African Songs of Life is a program that offers ordinary people a way of building community while developing heightened self-knowledge, strong relationships with others and with African music. Like in Africa, classes are taught in the oral tradition. Nourished by practice and sharing, the songs become permanently recorded in our bodies and minds.


  • Develop self-confidence and have a meaningful experience
  • Build community through consistent practice
  • Learn about other cultures through music
  • Discover and improve your singing and coordination skills

Our talents and skills vary, but we come together with a willingness to be playful and open-hearted. The priority is not to keep count of how many songs we know, or how beautifully we sing. Sharing of song is about having an opportunity for healthy expression without fears, personas, egos and insecurities. It is a way for us to connect at a deeper level where our spirits commune. Singing together consistently within a comfortable environment encourages people to have fun, be playful, and by so doing, develop their human potential.