Workshops / Conferences / Retreats

Keynote presentations and workshops are provided as part of conferences, retreats, and other group functions, and are designed to assist groups in addressing issues related to community building, organizational, development, diversity and multiculturalism.

Through exciting and stimulating African songs, chants, movement and storytelling, Nii Armah effectively inspires openness and enthusiasm in participants. His work is based on several years of training as an Expressive Arts Therapist, community builder, and teacher as well as his studies and experiences in African community context.


Improve group rapport
Very effective icebreaker
Break down social barriers
Challenges people to think
Gives people a taste of happiness

Consider an African cultural experience for your next Conference or Retreat. To schedule a presentation click here.

Healthy relationships are fundamental to a healthy community. Presentations focus on bringing awareness to the fundamentals of community building. In a fun and non-invasive manner, these presentations bring awareness to habits that inhibit social integration, and inspire willingness in people to let go of the barriers that keep us apart. These experiences provide an excellent foundation for team building.