African Rhythm Songs for Moms, Pops & Babies

Upcoming Sessions

In these ongoing sessions, adults learn to sing and move to soulful African songs, creating an atmosphere for bonding with children and the community. Children should be young enough to be worn or carried throughout the classes, which allows the child to be fed at multiple sensory levels. The songs, rhythms and movements create a musical vibration that reach the child’s core, providing numerous benefits to their development.


  • Develop self-confidence and have a meaningful experience
  • Bond with your baby and have fun
  • Build community
  • Learn about other cultures through music and have songs to sing at home
  • Be part of creating something beautiful while exercising your mind
  • Inspire children to feel comfortable with their voices and bodies

It is common belief that Africans are very musical. Although a large part of this may be innate, it is the constant exposure to and participation in musical activities that nurtures this natural potential. Pregnant mothers participate in music and dance throughout their pregnancy while babies enjoy a variety of lullabies. They take part in various events, either on their mothers’ backs or in the company of other adults. At this stage of development, there is no attempt at directly instructing the baby or child in any musical form. Any child’s musical sensibility can be heightened by early exposure to a musical environment. This experience, once instilled, becomes a life long asset.

African Rhythm Songs (For Moms, Dads & Babies) Fall 2023
Session 1: Aug 29 – Oct 12
Session 1: Oct 17 – Dec  7

Time: Thurs 11:00am – 12:00pm
Cost: $110 (per session; includes one adult + one child) or $200 for entire semester.
Need-based sliding scale and payment plans
available upon request.

Location: St. John’s Episcopal Church, Boulder
1419 Pine Street (on the northwest corner of 15th & Pine)

Pre-registration required for all classes.